WRITER’S EYE: The Nature of This Beast

I just realized this as I was typing that “v” word in a previous blog post. I’ve always considered the field of writing to be different than other businesses.

Maybe it’s because writing is an old profession, and has sort of a gentleman’s reputation. Or maybe it’s because I’m under 26 and thus have accomplished nothing. Or maybe it’s just ignorance. Actually…no. It’s because every single person I’ve met, or had correspondence with who is remotely involved in the writing industry (either as a writer, publisher, editor, or literary enthusiast) has been someone I could see myself being friends with.

They’ve all been kind, thoughtful, respectful, encouraging, and supportive. So I guess I felt like my writing was a world of escape. And in so many ways, it is.

And, if you know how I feel about the “real” business world, you’ll know I’m always up for an escape. But really, I have probably interacted with less than 1% of 1% of the people involved in this industry. So, upon reflection: I know no one and nothing about the writing industry?

YET, if you pressed me, I’d have to guess that it was the publishers who were the assholes, rather than the writers. After all, if the mega-famous writers (the Gaiman’s and Rowling’s and Franzen’s of the world) can still maintain humility, surely all of us writers can.

Except now I have first hand evidence, from a nobody, that my preconceptions about the nobility of writer’s aren’t true. So I guess I really have mis-evaluated the nature of this beast. The writing industry is probably just as cut throat as the rest of the business world. And for that reason, I guess I’m better armed to deal with the nonsense.