Writer’s Eye: Dare to Dream or Suppress Your Scream

This one is me speaking personally, about writing.

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to be suppressed by the business world. Mostly because suppression is the business world.

I love writing because it’s my own private space, in my own private world. It’s also why I love writing magical realism. You aren’t held down by rules. As the author, in fact, you have the freedom to make them. Things can be as you please. That sort of freedom is the reason behind my concrete conviction that I want to write.

Because when you can’t deal with the real world anymore, and rules, or people, or time get in your way, there’s only one place a person can escape. Their mind. And when you write, you can literally transpose your mind (your thoughts, your ideas, your visions) somewhere outside of yourself for others to share, and more importantly, for you to visit whenever you need.

Have you ever had the experience of letting yourself get lost in something you’ve written? Re-reading, or hearing it after it’s out of your brain and onto a page? It’s transcendent, because — for the briefest of moments — you forget that it was you who wrote it. You’re just spellbound by the other that they represent.

It’s upsetting when you have to deal with the restrictions and limitations of the world, and it’s more upsetting when people try to supress your aspirations. I’m very lucky to have a family that supports me, and friends who understand me. But I always come back to the people who don’t. The artists and individuals who were told to drop their dreams in favor of the practical, who will never experience freedom in the way I understand it.

Sometimes the cost of freedom is steep – it is financially burdensome, it can be emotionally trying, and it can be physically exhausting. Finding motivation can be difficult too. But for anyone who’s thought “Thank goodness it’s Friday,” I remind you of the alternative:

“I can’t wait for Monday.” Because writing, or any other form of art, is a job too. And it’s a job you can sink into and immerse yourself in. It has no limits and all of the benefits we hope for. And of course, some corporate people find those benefits too. And that’s wonderful. I just can’t. I need to be heard, to express myself, and to not be held down by the chains that bind so many people. I need to be my own boss, in my own world.