Words Are My Weapon: Democracy

I’ve got a lot of friends on both sides of the US Political Spectrum. Since Obama’s win last night, I’ve seen my social media explode with people expressing either elation or outrage. No one in the middle.

The biggest problem I have is that this is seen as a “victory” or a “defeat”. As far as I can tell, What makes our country great is our ability to peacefully transfer power. We are marked, as a country, by our citizens’ understanding and respecting the office of the President.

We also need to remember that Republicans and Democrats are both Americans trying to do their best for the country (though we may rightfully differ on how that is accomplished). But we need to stop acting like politics are a battle, or a war. Those mentalities and that military vocabulary are exactly what prevent compromise in congress. They’re what divide us.

And as citizens, when your only mentality or feeling is “my political ideology is right, yours is wrong. We are doing the wrong thing if it’s not my way…if X isn’t voted in…” you are in fact someone who wants to install a dictator. Because THAT is a dictator’s mentality. Democracy is about an entire country. It’s about swallowing your ideas in favor of what the country decides upon together.

So, if you’re shouting about the country being in danger, threatening to move to Canada (which is more liberal than the US by FAR), or are otherwise irate over the country’s decision last night, look at yourself in the mirror. Because WE are the United States. The politicians we elect represent US. WE are a democracy; and sometimes that means putting your own personal shit aside and working for the country’s dreams and goals… even if they’re not your own.

I’m neither happy nor sad that President Obama won. He is the leader of my country, and that’s all there is to it. I didn’t “win” or “lose” anything last night. I simply took part in the democratic process by which the US elects its governing bodies. I’m more concerned about congress, since they actually make and pass the laws. But what do I know?