Writer’s Eye: Bad Writer, Bad Blogger, Bad.

It’s been too long since my last post. As most inconsistent bloggers do, I’d like to chalk it up to “just being busy”. And while it’s true, and I have been busy (with the job that pays me money, my personal life, etc.) I shouldn’t ever be too busy to make time for my writing.

I’ve been reading a lot of really excellent writerly advice lately, and I would gladly share it all, except for the fact that “all” of it didn’t really strike me deeply.

I’ll link you to a blog that did.

What also hit me was watching a recent (Oct. 11, 2012) interview JK Rowling did for hpreads.scholastic.com. She said a lot of really great things in the interview, but the most striking of what she said (to me) was while she was talking about the first book she ever wrote.

She was six, and it was about “a rabbit called rabbit.”

“It’s not very good,” she said. “But, in retrospect, what’s impressive about it to me is that I finished it. I think that is the mark of someone who really wants to write. Because beginning stories is often very easy; finishing them not so much.”

Those words struck me, because I have more than a few stories that I’ve started and never finished. And indeed, that’s one of the challenges with a blog as well. I’ll never be finished writing it. But I’ll try.

And now, back to my previously shelved stories. I’ve got some dust to blow off!