Mike on Mike: I open at the close.

After college, one door was closed, but I like to believe that others were open. It was a trying time in my life, and to emerge with a degree was gratifying and humbling.

I spent several months looking for work, and was finally awarded with several opportunities at the start of 2012. In addition to teaching a resume writing work shop in Stuy. Town, I began interning at Our Town Downtown, a subsidiary of Manhattan Media Group, LLC, and began working as an intern for The Washington Pastime, an online literary magazine. In time, I would become an editor, and eventually, Editor-in-Chief, of TWP.

I also enrolled in several writing workshops, including ones instructed by Kat Howard. I attend book signings and meet-and-greets with authors, for no other reason than a love of books. Particularly fantasy…

I’m going to keep dreaming. And I’m going to keep writing, so that my dreams may come true.