My Book of Rhymes

Anyone who’s “in the know” about my writing knows that if I could, I’d be a poet.

“If I could” stands in for several variables that will invariably keep me from ever pursuing poetry as more than therapy. These variables include the fact that I can’t memorize poetry (unless it’s a rap song), the fact that you don’t really get paid for poems, and the fact that I was born roughly 300 years after sonnets faded out of popularity.

Sonnets are what I like to write in. I love the rules, the discipline, and the creativity they demand. I respect the form. And if I could, I would make it a rule that no one could write poetry (in free or blank verse) until they had first demonstrated they understood the rules of sonnets. It’s like knowing the rules before you can break them.

Anyway, I write poems anyway. I’m hoping to gather enough to make a little anthology. They’ll be a map of me, and not sold. Just kept/added to/reflected upon.

That’s all…