The Day Margaret Atwood Retweeted Me

On Friday afternoon, my first column for the Washington Pastime was posted. Obviously, I am grateful to the Pastime’s Editor-In-Chief, Paul Karaffa, for giving me an opportunity to write for him.

Also though, I feel like I need to give another thank you- to Margaret Atwood. Yes…THE Margaret Atwood. I literally opened up my article by mentioning her!

With nothing more than a hope and a prayer, I tweeted the article at her on twitter- knowing that this is subject matter that she often finds interesting. What I was hoping for in my distant dreams, however, I dared not even so much as consider. However, less than an hour letter, I got a wonderful message in my e-mail. The subject header reads:

“Margaret E. Atwood (@margaretatwood) just retweeted one of your tweets!”

Thanks to her, my writing has reached a huge audience. Thanks to her, my plight to write might have just taken an upward slant. It’s still going to be a battle…but I’ll never forget this, and what it meant to me.