Writer’s Eye: Direction

My website has been live for over a month now (launch date was 12/19/11). In that time, I’ve added a few blog posts (some were a “best of” back-dating to my previous blogger site, others were newer topics that had been brewing).

However, I have also been doing some soul searching – that is, searching for my blog’s soul. For me, the burning question is, and should always remain “what do I know?” Other questions, like “what is real to me”, “what am I passionate about”, “what will others want to read”, — and more all stem from that first essential question. Without knowing much of anything, how can I expect to blog?

The answer came to me early this morning, and I decided not to waste any more time. I’m going to write about me – the moments and events that have led me to where I am now, my personality quirks and how I hope they’ve helped (and how I’ve noticed them hinder) my writing, and what I am doing moving forward.

Ultimately, I want my blog to be a reflection of me. The idea is for a constantly updating “Wikapedia page” – something that will chronologically identify me and my written endeavors, linking my stories (and my identity) to the moments that shaped them. If nothing else, this particular story is real to me. It resonates with me. And that’s why I’m writing it.

First post will be today, with a short introduction into the earliest memories of stories I have, and a brief recollection about the very first story I ever wrote down. I’m looking forward to traveling back in time, and am equally excited to see what the future holds.