January 2012 Writing Update

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been focusing very much on my creative writing. I am proud to say that my novel has reached over 100,000 words – which is a big deal for me. I feel like it’s starting to grow into its own, which is exciting. I know there will be a lot ahead when it’s time to revise, but that’s okay. Progress is a slow process.

Additionally, I am also putting the finishing touches on a second short story, The Underneaths of Things, which will be packaged alongside The Magician’s Wife as an entrance application to the Clarion Writer’s Workshop for 2012.

I’ve also been doing some traveling since the New Year, which will undoubtedly help me with plot locations. As always, I’m staying very observant of the people around me as well. I believe in the link between people watching and writing unique character traits. (How could I possibly create characters based solely on aspects of myself?)

Finally, I am going to be presenting a lecture and workshop tomorrow night (1/17/2012) in Stuyvesant Town at their Oval Lounge. The workshop, part of their “HOW TO TUESDAYS”, which will focus on Resume Writing, will run roughly 90 minutes and begin around 7pm. I have a small powerpoint presentation prepped, and am looking forward to working with whoever might come in on the tricky business of getting noticed by employers.

Maybe I’ll take some pictures, too!